FlowMetric Diagnostics

Mo-POD™ HQ – Portable Lab

The Mo-POD™HQ represents a fully-functional, self-contained flow cytometry lab, delivering personalized medicine to patients across the globe.

SNP_MoPOD1_020a_LargeAt the heart of the unit is the data management and communication system. All clinical data is linked to a patient bio-metric signature, ensuring effective patient tracking. All flow cytometry clinical data may be processed automatically onsite using templates, providing a go-/no-go decision with regards to treatment, without the need for a medic or clinician. In addition, the clinical data is transmitted in real-time anywhere across the globe.

SNP_MoPOD1_016_LargeSNP_MoPOD1_010_Large (3)The Mo-POD™ HQ shelter makes it possible to transport and operate a wide variety of scientific, communication, and electronic equipment in the field as a mobile unit.  This high-strength, insulated, all-weather, general purpose unit can be customized to meet various applications and environments

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