FlowMetric Diagnostics

Mo-POD™ F – In the Field

The Mo-POD™ F is the ideal laboratory unit engineered to support complex and sophisticated flow cytometry diagnostics in the field.  The unit may be customized for use in various environments or applications. All units are housed in a ruggedized case to ensure safe transport and optimal instrument performance.



The Mo-POD™ F weighs 70 pounds, has four heavy duty handles for carrying, as well as a retractable handle and wheels for moving the unit from place to place.  Each endcap locks into place for security purposes.



Inside the Mo-POD™ F is a Windows-based computer which has been optimized for performance.  Connect to a network via wireless, LAN, or cellular (4GLTE) service.  The VGA monitor and full alphanumeric keyboard with integrated touch mouse pad are mounted on a slide-out tray.  Two front-mounted USB 2.0 ports and a DVD R/W are incorporated into case.

Charging:  When fully charged, the unit and the incorporated scientific components will operate for 7 to 8 hours in the field.