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Mo-POD™ Mobile Point-of-Diagnostic Lab

Bringing Our Lab to Your World

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FlowMetric Diagnostics, together with FlowMetric Inc., have establish a series of mobile laboratory platforms for the progression of its flow cytometry-based diagnostic platform out of the hospital and into the field. This platform represents a first-to-market, completely mobile, fully-functional flow cytometry lab for global diagnostic programs.

The Mo-POD can be customized for a variety of applications including alternate power such as solar, satellite communications, drone, and specialized scientific equipment.


The Mo-POD™ platform is currently offered in two versions:

  • The Mo-POD™ HQ, a self-contained, self-supporting flow cytometry lab for off-grid performance. The lab can be deployed by land (truck or humvee) or airdropped for rapid placement in even the remotest locations.

  • The Mo-POD™ F is specifically designed to be manually transported into location.



The Mo-POD™ HQ unit is a complete, mobile laboratory, equipped to perform cell based assays and flow cytometry analysis, literally anywhere in the world.


MoPOD table

Summary of Mo-POD™ HQ and Mo-POD™ F Features

For more information on our Mo-POD™ platform and its capabilities, please contact us to schedule a demonstration. 

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